Tired of dealing with unsightly, uncomfortable varicose and spider veins in your legs?

Ambulatory Phlebectomy

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Ambulatory Phlebectomy

Ambulatory phlebectomy is a vein treatment that relieves varicose veins. During the procedure, vein surgeons remove the diseased veins through tiny slits in the skin. This vein treatment safely and effectively reduces the appearance of unsightly varicose veins that ruin the smooth appearance of the skin on your legs.

Ambulatory phlebectomy treats varicose veins and reduces their symptoms. Vein doctors, also known as vascular surgeons, can now perform ambulatory phlebectomy in outpatient settings so patients can go home right after the procedure – no hospital stay required!

What To Expect

  • Before

  • During

  • After

Before the Procedure

Treatment starts with a comprehensive evaluation of your venous system. The vein doctors at VIP Vein Center use state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment to evaluate and map your veins. The vascular surgeons may recommend ambulatory phlebectomy alone or in conjunction with the laser treatment known as VenaCure EVLT™ to optimize the effects of your vein treatment.

Most patients tolerate ambulatory phlebectomy well, and the procedure is associated with very few side effects.

During the Procedure

The doctor will administer local anesthesia, create tiny incisions in the skin, and then remove small bits of the diseased vein through those incisions. There is minimal discomfort associated with ambulatory phlebectomy.

After the Procedure

You will be able to walk immediately after treatment, although you should avoid engaging in strenuous activity for a few days after the procedure. Your doctor will recommend that you wear compression stockings to optimize healing and minimize discomfort after the procedure.

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