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How It Works

We are now offering complimentary* virtual consults. You can now have many of your vein questions and issues answered and addressed from the privacy, and comfort, of your home.

Our virtual consult technology is designed to help you get the vein care you need without you ever needing to leave your house for an in-person visit. You will have a complimentary, face-to-face consultation with our doctors and staff. You will be able to have many of your individual venous concerns looked at, assessed, and, if necessary, leave the consultation with a treatment plan that works for you and your lifestyle.


Crafting your personalized treatment plan using technology.

Using your smartphone, you will be able to meet with the doctor and staff to talk about your specific concerns. Whether you are suffering from large, bulging varicose veins, an increasing number of spider veins or worsening discomfort, we can provide you answers through our completely secure, HIPAA protected, environment.

To begin, simply call us or send in a request for a complimentary teleconsult. We will then reach out to schedule a time that works with your schedule to connect with us to assess your condition. During that consultation, the doctors and staff will address any concerns you may have and, if needed, recommend next steps for treatment.


Quality care and convenience all rolled into one.

Our virtual consult offers you the ease of connecting with a vein specialist from the comfort and security of your home without ever having to travel to our clinic.



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Cauterization or suturing of a bleeding vein

Wound care, skin graft or unna boot

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