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About VenaSeal™

VenaSeal™ is a revolutionary procedure used to treat varicose veins without heat or sclerosing agents. Instead, this procedure delivers a special medical adhesive into the interior of the diseased vein, thus closing it. This approach to vein treatment eliminates the risk of injuring the nerves when treating certain veins. It also prevents the need for multiple sticks with a needle, which increases comfort levels for patients.

VenaSeal is conducted as an outpatient procedure, and most patients experience little to no pain. The bruising caused by this procedure is minimal to non-existent, and most patients are able to return to their normal activities immediately after the procedure.

What To Expect

  • Before

  • During

  • After

Before the Procedure

Prior to the VenaSeal™ procedure, you will have an ultrasound imaging exam of the leg that is to be treated. This exam is allows our specialists to assess the diseased vein and plan the procedure.

During the Procedure

  • You may feel some minor pain or stinging with a needle stick to numb the site where the doctor will access your vein.
  • Once the area is numb, your doctor will insert the catheter (i.e., a small hollow tube) into your leg. You may feel some pressure from the placement of the catheter.
  • The catheter will be placed in specific areas along the diseased vein to deliver small amounts of the medical adhesive. You may feel some mild sensation of pulling or tugging. Ultrasound will be used during the procedure to guide and position the catheter.
  • After treatment, the catheter is removed and a bandage placed over the puncture site.

After the Procedure

Many patients are able to return to normal activity immediately after the procedure. Your doctor can help you determine when you can return to normal activity.

Individual results may vary.

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